Why You Need A CDN for Your WordPress Blog?

Why You Need A CDN for Your WordPress Blog?

When you are uploading your WordPress website on the internet, you are uploading the CSS, javascript, and other files onto the virtual server. When someone accesses your website from another country or another location, he or she accesses the server near your area where you have uploaded the website. Now, even though it sounds easy, for high-traffic sites, this server can prove to be a danger to your landing speed.

This is where you need the CDN network!

Content Delivery Network is a series of virtual servers distributed across the world. When you are uploading your website on the CDN network, the static content of the web pages is cached into different parts, and then the data is stored in different CDN servers.

So, when someone tries to access your website via the original server, the user will be redirected to the closest CDN server to his geographical location. Thus, it will reduce the pressure on the original server where you have initially uploaded the website domain.

Now, as exciting as it sounds, you need to know the advantages of using a CDN server before you use it to cache the static website content. So, let’s hear the five most important uses of the Content Delivery Network for your WordPress content.

  1. Enhanced Website Navigation Speed

One of the major advantages of using a CDN server for your WordPress website is enhanced website speed. When the users access your website via the local server, there is a lot of load on the server. At times of high traffic, the allowable bandwidth might not provide the same speed to every user. This will reduce the usability of your website, thereby reducing the User-Interface performance. However, when you are using a CDN network, the user will be able to access the nearest geographical server, and hence there will be no issue regarding the bandwidth limitation.

  • The Website Uptime Is Improved

Website uptime is referred to as the time for which your website will remain available to the users. The uptime can vary as per the bandwidth of the server and the traffic to the website. This is why using a normal server can restrict the uptime flexibility of your WordPress site. But if you are using the CDN, you will be able to reduce the downtime and greatly improve the uptime without causing much fuss.

  • No Such Topographical Server Barriers

Often servers pose geographical barriers to users when they try and access a website which has been uploaded to a server away from their location. This might lower the SEO ranking and the quality of UX for your website. CDN improves the access speed and removes most of the geographical limitations that users might face while accessing your site.

  • Improved Data Integrity

When you are making any changes to the static stat of your website, you have to make the changes in the server data, no matter how minor the change is. However, while using CDN, the changes are automatically uploaded across every CDN server, allowing you proper data integrity with enhanced performance.

  • CDN Is Cost-Effective

Lastly, using the CDN server network will reduce your cost significantly. Firstly, you won’t have to spend much on getting a new bandwidth limit every time there is a surge in the traffic. Also, you won’t have to spend too much for uploading your website on different servers.

Final Words

Using a CDN network has proven to be quite beneficial for website owners using WordPress as the hosting provider. It provides improved landing speed, website navigation, and loading time on the server. So, if you are facing issues with high incoming traffic and limited server bandwidth, you must try using the CDN servers.


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