Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites List


10 Best Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Your Traffic & Boost SEO

Social media websites are becoming one of the top-ranked among youth. Each person is using social media every day. One of the research shows that every person spends a minimum of 2 hours every single day. This idea helps you to rank your website with the help of social advertisements as it works as a Digital Marketing tool. So always try to advertise your brand or business through the help of social media and get excellent results.

Social Media websites are useful because you can share images, videos, audios, blog posts, and other various links.

It helps in increasing your brand awareness. Social media platforms help in indexing your web pages in simple ways. Every single day a new social media platform is launched among the industry. Using Social Media websites as a marketing strategy leads to the best marketing results. Various links you get from social bookmarking sites have link juice & by sharing your content, you will get high rank and good quality traffic. A maximum number of brands use these websites to improve their website ranking and brand awareness.

Enhance your brand by using social bookmarking websites and get to know more about the top listed social bookmarking sites.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Slashdot
  4. Pinterest
  5. Tumblr
  6. Reddit
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Fark
  9. Digg


Facebook was launched on 4th February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It is a social media website launched at the time to connect Havard students. Millions of people joined Facebook and started using it. Since that time people have never stopped using Facebook. Now Facebook is the top-ranked social media website & you can share various images, videos, blogs, etc. of your brand products.

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Twitter came into existence in July,15,2006. Twitter is the best tool for marketing and its top-ranked website among the youth. Twitter is easy and efficient. You simply have to post links, images, and videos & it is bookmarked automatically for future purposes.

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Slashdot was launched in 1997 by Rob. Slashdot is run by a few editors and coders all together. Slashdot is a top bookmarking website that distributes your blogs or images or videos to get a better reputation for your brand. It mainly runs the user-submitted news stories.

Slashdot helps a lot to get a better audience and higher quality leads. Adding your content to these websites will help you get organic traffic.

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Pinterest was created in 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. Pinterest is mainly used to make your brand famous and get better leads through these links. Pinterest shows you the area of interest you choose in it. You can add your product images, videos, and your blogs to this website & it will lead to good brand awareness. 

The posts created in Pinterest are known as Pins & you can create boards in Pinterest to the same categories. It may help you to get a better interest in people and lead to brand awareness.

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Tumblr was launched in 2007 by David Karp & it is famous among top bloggers. It is a website in which you can share photos, videos, content & you can make video and audio calls too. It’s available as a mobile application. Tumbler has no boundaries for sharing posts. You can share as many as content, blogs, or posts you want.

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Reddit helps you to get Breaking news & it is launched in America Social Media Platform. Reddit Allows you to share images, videos, and other links. Reddit is used to make your brand more popular & it spreads maximum knowledge to various people in the world.

Getting quality backlinks through Reddit is the best option for brand awareness and making your business ranked top.

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Linkedin was launched in 2002 but officially on 5th May 2003. Linkedin has almost 15 million members & it is the top-ranked social bookmarking website. It mainly gets you engaged with professional users. It helps you to get good quality traffic and quality leads.

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Fark is a community launched by Drew Curtis. It is a story submission website, the maximum number of stories submitted in Fark. Fark is the social bookmarking website in which the number of publishers shares the content within hours & Fark shares only the best content.

Fark is the best way to show your content and to showcase your talent.


Digg was launched in November 2004 by various collaborators. Digg always shows the trending news going in the market. Digg is the one-stop destination for the top updates of the various fields through images, videos, and links.

If you want updates about the trends among various categories among businesses and markets, then Digg is the best option for you.

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Page Authority: got into use in 2007. has almost 1 million subscribers. It is the content curation service and helps in the marketing of the brand too. is available in two versions:

Paid and Free. The free version allows you 50 scoops & if you want more then 50 scoops, you have to pay for it.

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Final Thought

We have shared some of the best social bookmarking websites. It helps you lead in SEO and Business presence. If you want sufficient traffic, then you can use social media and earn money according to your dreams. These are one of the top-ranked websites you can see and take good advantage of them. Social bookmarking is an effective way of producing the best and top results you desire.


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