The Ultimate List of 150+ Local SEO Citation Sources for USA (2020)

Local Business Listing Sites

Free USA Local Business Citation Sites

Among various methods available to promote your business on the internet and get desirable ranking on Google, one highly used way is a local business citation. Well, citation means mentioning the name, address, and phone number of your business on directories, local review sites, and business listings.

It is one thing that you need to do care if you want to gain the trust of Google and get enough business. Based on your information, Google judges your credibility and gives you preference. So, it has to be consistent throughout the internet and your business website. Also, you need to make sure that you are offering the information to the reliable and top local business citation sites to get the desired results. 

What Is A Local Business Listing?

Local business listings are the portfolios offered online containing the information about your business like name, address, phone number, working hours, and other necessary details. The reason that you too should go for local business listing for your brand is that it makes your business easily searchable. 

It will help you in gaining the trust of the target audience. It will present you as a genuine and reliable business and also, it will help you in improving your SEO ranking. With a local business listing, you will gain authority on the internet that is going to benefit your business a lot.

Advantages of USA Local Business Listing Sites

  • The USA local business listing sites are going to help you in improving your visibility. Offering information about your business on as many sites as possible will help people to search your brand easily.
  • It is going to help you in improving the organic traffic on your website. The more you are visible, the more people are going to visit your website.
  • As it will help in boosting the traffic on your website, you are going to get a good ranking on the search engines. 
  • Also, the USA local business listing sites are offering services at nominal prices. So, it is a cost-effective idea to go for your business. 
  • It is going to keep your clients remain updated with the information about your business all the time for convenience. You know, no client will not trust you completely if it is tough to find things about you on the internet.

Ingredients for Citation

  • Business Description
  • Business Category
  • Business Keywords
  • Contact Person Details
  • Contact Details: Business Email and Phone Number
  • Zip Code
  • Proper Business Address
  • Registered Email Account

Top 10 Free US Local Business Listing Sites

Google My Business is an excellent platform for local SEO campaigns. It allows you to handle your business listing and Google reviews. It also helps in monitoring the traffic on your website along with the engagement. It will help your audience to find your business on maps. And it is easy to use this platform. 

Local Yahoo is a free service that allows you to mention your business name, address, number, and URL along with additional information. It also allows you to choose up to 5 business categories relevant to your services. You can easily use this platform and see positive results.

Yelp is an independent search engine that is having a different audience and to attract them, you need to have your business listing on this platform as well. You are going to provide the necessary textual and visual information for your visibility. It also allows you to see customer reviews and reply to them.

Bing Places also has a different audience and to reach out to them, you must have a business listing on this platform. You will fill in the necessary details about your business and allow the audience to find you conveniently

Merchant Circle is another free local business listing site that will help you attract more audience and help the target audience to find you with ease. It gets the information from yellow pages listings. It allows you to connect with other business and engage with your audience as well. You need to fill in the necessary details along with your website URL, and it will work to bring you business.

Crunch Base – You are going to create your account and fill every detail that is necessary about your business to improve your visibility. It is a platform that has come up with different services to help your business grow and turn the target audience into potential customers.

Insider Pages is a new website that is popular among businesses like medical, healthcare, garden, beauty, pet, home and auto services in the USA. You will fill the details required, website URL, and images to tell about your business. You can also see the customer reviews for your business.

Local is a search engine that is offering information about the local businesses in the US. If your business already exists in its data, you can claim it, or you can create a listing for your business for free.

FourSquare is not a site but a mobile application that is used for a business listing. It allows you to tell about your business and interact with your audience. You can even go through the check-ins by the customers in your physical office. 

HotFrog is one of the most popular sites for a business listing. It has tools that help you to track the activities on your business listing. It is a perfect option to go for your brand. 

List of Free Local Citation Sites in USA | USA Local Citation Sites List

Though we want to do everything for the success of our business, we still look out for the solutions that are the best and cost-effective. And, as you begin to look out for some of the best local business listing sites to promote your brand and attract an audience, you make sure they are not costly. So, here are some of the top sites, you can go for your business listing that is offering the services for free. These are the sites that are helpful and easy to use for your success.

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The Ultimate List of 100+ Local SEO Citation Sources for USA (2020)

As you are looking for the best local SEO citation sites for your business, here are some of the websites you can rely on. These websites are made to increase the visibility of your business and make it easy for the audience to find you on the internet. These are the site that is going to assist you in increasing the traffic on your site and bring you business. But, you need to make sure that the details you are offering are appropriate and consistent to gain the trust of the search engine and audience. 

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Why Do You Need US Business Listings?

If you want your target audience to know about your brand and that you exist in the market, you must go for US business listing. It is going to help your customers to know about you and find you when they need your services or products. The listing is also going to help you to come in contact with other businesses and interact with them. Some of the listing sites also allow you to mention your website’s URL, to take the audience there and know about you more. It is a way of getting attention and business from the customers and helps every local business. 


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