Top 65+ Infographics Submission Sites List for 2020-2021

Infographics Submission Sites List

Infographic Submission Sites to Promote Your Infographic (and Get Backlinks)

SEO is trending day by day for a long time. It is helping people to increase the traffic on their website and helps to get organic leads. Infographic Submission is one of the top-ranked SEO techniques.

Infographics help your audience to know that you are best among all, it helps you to increase credibility. People are more interested in looking at visuals rather than written content. That is the reason people are choosing infographics as it is easily shareable and linkable too. Infographics make brand promotions easy and are capable of getting better backlinks.

Before you start implementing, you should have complete information regarding the same. Check some of the points you should know about infographics and infographic submission websites.

What is Infographic Submission?

Before you get to know about infographic submission websites you should be well aware of infographics too.

Infographics is a process of representing data or any of the images or the text in the form of graphics so the audience can grasp it.

These infographics help in boosting your website traffic, SEO, and getting high-quality backlinks. This process is called infographic submission. During the process of infographics, you have to create attractive infographics and add them to various infographic submission websites and promote your business. Properly doing this helps you to get better promotions and increase brand popularity. Creating attractive infographics helps you to earn a better reputation for your brand or your business.

The Infographic Submission technique is one of the most effective methods used to raise SEO through social media. It is the representation of the data or showcases your products to get more audience attention. Infographic Submission helps the audience to understand all your data as it is in graphical or images or text form. Everyone is more interested in looking at graphics rather than text. It helps in link building. More attractive websites graphics and data will lead to more audiences day by day. Your audience will get more interested in your brand, leading to brand promotions. Moreover, people love visual content more than written content.

How to Do Infographics Submission?

Infographics submission has multiple ways, you can use various techniques to make your infographics more and more attractive. Check the process through which you can make the infographics submission more enhancing.

  • Create informative and attractive infographics

Creating infographics is not as easy as it looks whenever you start to design it, you should be aware that you have to make it attractive by adding an alluring background to your infographics. Making your infographics more attractive will help you to gain a lot more audience and helps in raising your business.

  • Mention your brand

Before you start creating infographics be sure that you should add your company name or links to make the graph better and easily understandable by the user. It helps you to get the organic traffic to your website by getting relevant leads.

  • Make them sharable

Always try to make infographics on the top-ranked topics and always add your business name and your business links to the same. It helps you to rank more because the top-ranked topics will be more shared among the people around you.

  • Post on popular platforms

You can check the below-mentioned websites list that is top-ranked. You can submit your infographics on them and get better results. Confirm the websites DA and PA before you add your infographics to these infographics sites.

Top 40 Free/Paid Infographic Submission Sites for 2020

We have created some of the top-ranked websites for the 2020 infographic submission. These websites help you get better and top-ranked backlinks.

#1 Infographics Showcase

Domain Authority: 50

Infographics software showcases your infographics and organic leads and gets brand popularity and grabs the attention of various top influencers.

Infographics Showcase


Price: $50

How to Submit: You have to send the details to the editor with all your infographic details.


Domain Authority: 55 is the leading platform for infographics, leads to the top niches like cooking, painting, gym, etc. has published 10,000-15,000, they are adding more than 10,000 submissions every month.




How to Submit:

You can submit infographics on these websites, it will add your infographic to websites and will take a week to do so.

#3 Infographics Archive

Domain Authority: 55

Some of the designers and programmers started this with a passion for reading the infographics. These offer you the infographics libraries links of the top infographics.

infographics archive


$22 for Standard Publication
$34 for Social Publication
$44 for Premium Publication

How to Submit:

This is not a free platform. They have the standard charges .i.e. $20 or more in which your infographics will be approved in 2-3 days and it is approved without any cost.

#4 Infographic Bee

Domain Authority: 26

Infographic bee is the platform where you can find the number of informative and attractive infographics and submit on your own. When you submit your content to Infographic Bee then it will be displayed with a short description and a color palette with hex codes.

Infographic Bee

Price: $10.95 for express review

How to Submit:

After opening Infographic Bee you will find a submission tab on the left side, then you simply have to submit your form. After you submit the infographics, you will see the payment gateway where you can choose the express option or you can skip the payment option to get your infographic approved.

#5 Cool Infographics

Domain Authority: 60

Cool infographics is a website that has grown over all the submission websites, increased over 6000 – 7000 visitors per day, and 2,000,000 viewers per month.

Cool Infographics

Price: Free

How to Submit:

You have to fill the contact form in the submission tab. It takes time for the approval of the infographics.

#6 Infographics Journal

Domain Authority: 55

Infographic Journal mainly leads to the top infographics only. They only share the top and creative infographics among all. These include niches like Blogging, Fashion, Food, etc.

Infographic Journal


Express Submission – $25
Featured Infographic – $75

How to Submit:

It consists of two types of submissions: One is basic in which you have to wait for a week, it is free of cost, the other one is Express in which you have to submit $25, your infographic gets approved on the same day.


Domain Authority: 78 helps you in creating and submitting your infographics and other graphics works according to your provides you the option of checking your analytics among all infographics.

Price: Free

How to submit:

You just have to check the website that is Create an account in this and submit your infographics.

#8 Infographic Reviews

Domain Authority: 21

The infographic reviews website not only helps you to submit infographics but also helps in getting reviews of your submitted work. 

Price: Free

How to submit: You can directly go the infographic websites or click on the link given: You will get an email when your infographic is approved.

#9 NerdGraph

Domain Authority: 45

Nerd Graph is a free infographic website that is easy to use and is run by three people. All of them are highly passionate about demographics.

Price: Free

How to submit: You can directly go to Nerd Graph and add your demographics in the same without any cost.

#10 Submit Infographics

Domain Authority: 46

Submit infographics is the oldest version of the infographics website. They provide you a better place for designers and various companies to get their work done.

Price: $3 for regular submission

How to submit:

You have to fill a form in infographics, it will cost you $3 for Regular Submission & sometimes it takes almost a month to approve your demographics.

#11 Infographic Post

Domain Authority: 34

Infographic websites help you to submit best and informative content only. They get the best of the demographics within a week. So it can help you to check various demographics and share them or get help from them and get your brand promoted.


  • For a $10 review fee, will guarantee your infographic is reviewed and posted live within 5 business days
  • For a $20 review fee, will guarantee that your infographic will be pushed to the front of our queue, reviewed, and posted live within 2 business days
  • Free option available but no guarantee that your infographic will be published.

How to submit:

It helps you to add your content without any cost. Sometimes it happens that your demographic is not published. But it has two more options that you can pay $10 and get your demographic submit within ten days else submit $ 20 and get your demographic approved in 2 days.

#12 Infographic Plaza

Domain Authority: 33

Infographic Plaza is a platform where you can check some of the creative infographics from the world.

It is a better place to submit your passion for infographics and get good growth and popularity for your website.


$35 For Express publication on, &

How to submit: You can add your demographic here without any cost, approval of demographic will take almost a month.

#13 Daily Infographic

Domain Authority: 84

The daily infographic is heavy traffic acquiring website. It gets various infographics daily, adding your demographic to this leads to heavy traffic immediately to your brand or business.

Price: Free

How to submit: It’s easy to add your infographics websites. You just have to reach into their work with us section and fill the form and reach your goals.

#14 Directory of Infographics

Domain Authority: 15

Directory infographics help you to get various infographic directories lists from different niches.

Price: Free

How to submit: You can pay $10 if you want to get your demographic approved fast, else you have to wait for a long time, and sometimes your demographics are not even selected.

#15 Shit Hot Infographics

Domain Authority: 16

David Eaves is the owner of Shit Hot Infographics. He launched this to get the best infographics from the internet.

Price: Free

How to submit: Just go to this link and get your demographic added to the same.

#16 Pinterest

Domain Authority: 94

You can claim your website by using this and help people to find more content. Pinterest helps you to show your profile picture and helps you to get better traffic.

Price: Free

How to submit: It is free of cost, Simply add your demographic into the submission column on Pinterest.

#17 Infographic Database

Domain Authority: 25

The Infographic database has a collection of demographics. It helps you to submit your demographics too.

Price: → $20 + → $30

How to submit: This charge you $20 and click on this website to get your infographic submitted

#18 Galleryr

Domain Authority: 17

It is the website that only provides the top and informative infographics that provide trustable information.


Free; $10 for instant publication

How to submit: They provide you a free service & you can submit your infographic through this link

#19 Winfographics

Domain Authority: 16

It is an instant approval website and is top-ranked in the UK. Its top benefit is that your demographic will be instantly approved.

Price: $29.99

How to submit: Click on the link to get your demographic submitted

#20 The Infographics

Domain Authority: 29

This website will help you to submit your demographic and build best relations with the owner and editor.

Price: Free

How to submit: You have to connect you with Tom Cumptsy on twitter and share your work with him. If your content is useful and unique, he will post it on his website.

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#21 airinfographics

Domain Authority: 18

If you have the best demographics and then you can share it with airinfographics to get the best brand promotion and various backlinks that will help you to get your brand promoted soon.

Price: Free

How to submit: It is the free process click here and gets your infographic approved

#22 All Infographics

Domain Authority: 33

This website approves high DA infographics only.

Price: Free

How to submit:

Submissions on these websites are free of cost. It may take some time to publish your infographics on the same. Click on the link given below to check the process of infographics submission.

#23 Infographic Portal

Domain Authority: 39

It is a free portal to submit infographics without any cost. This portal mainly accepts the high DA or good information infographics only.

Price: $10

How to submit:

Always try to present original content else your infographics will be rejected and click on the link below to get your demographic submitted

#24 I Love Charts

Domain Authority: 49

This platform highlights the best visuals or demographics.

Price: Free

How to submit:

Visit the submission page of this portal and add your infographics in .png format with an attractive text.

#25 Infographic Website

Domain Authority: 27

This website is created for infographic portals to submit their infographics and get more information regarding others and increase your visibility.

Price: Free

How to submit: It is free of cost & you can add your infographics on this platform just by this click.

#26 Reddit

Domain Authority: 91

Want to make your demographic viral? You can submit your demographic to Reddit. It helps you get a lot more traffic. It has the most popular subreddit that has almost more than 10,000 users.

Price: Free

How to submit: Submission of infographics is free on Reddit and read all the instructions carefully before you submit it.

#27 Flickr

Domain Authority: 92

Flickr is a part of Yahoo. It is a website with various pictures of management options with different photographers and artists.

Price: Free

How to submit: After creating an account in Flickr, create an album, and submit your infographics.

#28 Behance

Domain Authority: 92

Behance is a platform for the beginners to showcase their work to the world and update that whenever they add something new to it. If you have some of your best demographics to get published, you can submit it on Behance and get good quality backlinks.

Price: Free

How to submit: Open your account and then add your infographics to it and then get your work done.

#29 SlideShare

Domain Authority: 95

Slideshare is used to share presentations and slides and get you more traffic with good quality backlinks to your website.

Price: Free

How to submit: You have to create your account in Slideshare and then share your demographics or slides to it.

#30 Infographics Zone

Domain Authority: 46

The infographics zone only gets you the descent and smooth collection of infographics. It only picks quality information or data.

Price: Free

How to submit:

Click on this link 

Approve your demographic by adding a short introduction to the infographics zone.

#31 News I Like

Domain Authority: 37

News I like only submits the newsletters, facts, or reviews in the form of infographics.

Price: Free

How to submit: It is free of cost. You just have to add your infographics URL on their page. Once your URL is approved and published it will be automatically uploaded to their RSS Feed.

#32 Submit Visuals

Domain Authority: 16

It is a user-friendly platform that is not only used for submitting infographics. It also has options for images, memes, screenshots , and GIFs, or more.

Price: Free

How to submit: To submit your infographics in this click on this link and get your work done.

#33 Infographics Posters

Domain Authority: 30

Infographic posters help you to get infographic fans together in a place. It will help you to know various top infographic niches from food to travel and multiple other topics.

Price: $30

How to submit: Click on the link given and get to know various things about the same.


Domain Authority: 14

LKRLLC is the oldest domain used for promotions. It is a paid infographic website. It will help you to submit your demographic to the primeval platform and get you high-quality leads and traffic.

Price: $10

How to submit:

Use this website link to approve your infographic by LKRLLC.

#35 Only Infographic

Domain Authority: 34

This platform only shares the best infographics with correct data.

Price: Free

How to submit: Visit their page and open the submission option and add your demographics.

#36 Infographic List

Domain Authority: 49

This website only picks the best infographics, before you add your infographic in this it should be perfect and the content should be correct and informative.

Price: Paid

How to submit: Just use the link below and get your infographic approved by the infographics list.

#37 Mashable Infographics

Domain Authority: 93

Mashable infographics are the Best Technical Blog website. It mostly displays news stories and visuals.

How to submit: Mashable generally helps you to add your website news, stories, etc.

Tips for Getting Coverage on Mashable

12 Tips for Getting Your Startup Featured on Mashable
12 Things Not to Do When Pitching a Story to Mashable

#38 Visulattic

Domain Authority: 60

It helps you to get the best infographics and graphics for the website.

Price: Paid

How to submit: Click on the link and get your graphics and infographics added to Visualattic.

#39 infographicsonly

Domain Authority: 34

Only infographics submit only the top-ranked infographics.

Price: Paid

How to submit:

Click on the link and submit your good content infographics.

#40 infographiclove

Domain Authority: 34

It is the top-ranked infographic website that helps you to add technical blogs. It helps you to create the best datasets and best made designs with the growing social media and technology niche.

Price: $75

How to submit:

This link will help you to add your infographics or graphics to this website.

Best 25+ Infographic Submission websites for 2020

S.NOInfographic Submission SitesDAPAMoz Rank

Importance of Infographic Submission Sites

Here are the benefits of Infographic Submission Sites:

  • It helps you to grow traffic on your website.
  • Your content goes viral in a few days.
  • Make the audience stay for a long time.
  • It helps in creating Brand Awareness.
  • Interest grows as people love to check visuals more than text.
  • Easy understanding for the users.
  • Creates a high PA DA links for SEO
  • Helps in increasing SEO Ranks

Final Thoughts

These are the infographic submission websites that will help you to engage your infographics to various people around the world. Submission of infographics to these websites will help you to get a high number of backlinks and organic leads.



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