10 Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors

10 Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors

10 Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors 2020 – SEO or Search Engine Optimization is becoming one of the trendiest topics in this phase of digital marketing. Every website, be it an educational one or a photography website, fights to be on the top in the SERPs. This quest of climbing the ranking in the search engine results is somewhat complicated. This is because the most prominent search engine- Google- has issued an algorithm which checks almost 200 factors before assigning the ranks. 

It surely sounds exasperating. Isn’t it?

To solve the mystery, you will require some basic pre-requisites. Since most involved in online business or websites aren’t properly aware of these pieces of requirement, we will be discussing the top ten important factors to consider for SEO ranking

  1. Website Security 

Website Security

Obviously, without security, you won’t be able to start a business that is meant to handle private user details. If your website is for generating quotes of loans or if it’s an online delivery shop business, you will require user information. So, for such businesses, Google checks the privacy codes and how the data are being encapsulated from the outside world. 

  1. UI Friendliness 

The web pages should be user friendly. For example, if your website design has five pages with substructures, you need to make sure that the user can reach the nodes on each page easily. More the user-friendliness of the website, higher will be the SEO ranking

  1. Loading Speed Of The Web Pages

As per the latest Google’s SERP algorithm, the webpage loading speed is highly taken into consideration. The loading speed in both the desktop and mobile screens is considered as nowadays, websites are mobile optimized

  1. Optimization Of The Page Contents 

The on-page contents of the website should be optimized properly. There are certain rules which needed to be fulfilled for SEO, like:

  • Use of active voice 
  • Short sentences
  • Proper keyword insertion 
  1. Link Building

To ensure that you are creating a trail to your business and a reference for other businesses simultaneously, you have to build links. The number of links built within your website affects the citation and hence, tells Google about the worth of the website in the online market. 

  1. Targeted Keywords

The next important factor to consider for getting a higher SEO rank is to include proper keywords in the webpage content. The choice and placement of these keywords affect the place which your website will occupy when an included keyword will be searched. 

  1. Domain Years And Name 

The Domain name you are choosing should match with your business. For example, the main business name should be relevant to what is present inside the web pages. Also, the data of the domain should be older, since Google prefers the older data to the new domain ones. 

  1. Brand Or Business Name 

If you are popularizing your brand or online business, you have to ensure that the name is unique, prominent, and clear. Also, the brand logo shouldn’t have any copyright issues in the search engine results. 

  1. Technical Optimization 

There are many updated techniques in which you can technically optimize the web pages. Google scans the pages for the presence of these technicalities and ensures the use of the technology is proper and up to the mark. For example, an AI-controlled webpage will rank more than a static page in the SERPs

  1. User Experience Quality

Lastly, you need to increase the user experience results for your website. Google always prefers a website which has received quality comments and feedbacks in terms of UX 

Final Words:

Even though the search engine ranking algorithms change from time to time, these ten factors have remained in the priority list for a long time. So, don’t miss any of these ten factors while optimizing your website for SERPs


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