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Video Submissions Sites – In today’s digital world every business person believes that the website or brand they have launched or about to launch should be highly ranked over the search engines. Even though there is SEO that helps you to get more traffic on your website and get your website to the top of the page on search engines.

Video Submissions Sites is that type of techniques helps to get more traffic & organic leads too. Presenting your videos with high-quality content and beneficial information leads to a better generation of leads and it helps to rank your brand products and get your sales high. Video Submission sites mainly work for your brand promotion.

Top 5 Video Sharing Sites for 2020

  • YouTube

YouTube is ranked as one of the top video sharing websites and it allows people to view, upload, share, like, and dislike the video. YouTube contains the maximum user-uploaded videos and commercial videos too. YouTube helps the users to submit their blogs and you can submit live videos too.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing site like YouTube. Vimeo helps the user to submit the video and get millions of viewers and helps to promote the brands. It helps you to edit your videos easily and efficiently. It is highly useful by the videographers and the film-makers. It is the easiest way of sharing videos with friends or the whole world.

  • Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the top video sharing application launched in Vivendi. It is the most used video hosting and sharing a website on the internet. It is available in many different languages. It helps you to discover various videos around the world. It is a good place for the video makers as this a free platform where you can share your videos and get a high audience.

  • Metacafe

Metacafe is the video submission site used to submit short videos.Metacafe is mainly famous for short videos from the world of games, music, and sports, etc.

  • DropShots

DropShots is a family-focused video sharing website that helps you to share all your memories that can be photos or videos between your family, friends by using advanced technologies. Dropshots is a subscription-based service that connects you with your family and friends and shares life experiences.

Top 10 Video Submission / Sharing Sites for 2020

S.NoTop Video Submission Websites DAPA
2 9797
3 9666
4 96100
5 9582
6 95100
7 96100
8 9698
9 9376
10 83 70

26 Video Submission Sites with High DA PA

S.No.High DA Video Submission WebsitesDAPA
2 9897
3 9481
4 9388
5 9379
6 9376
7 9297
8 9191
9 9280
11 9177
12 91 63
14 9290
15 9070
16 90 67
17 8867
18 8876
19 8666
20 8673
21 8463
22 8453
23 8468
24 8362
25 8362
26 8370

What is Video Submission or Sharing?

Video Submission or sharing a video is a key technique of Off-Page SEO optimization. It is a process in which we add videos promoting our brands or websites to various video submission websites. These websites helps to promote the business as these are High DA websites. They have high-quality traffic, so adding your website or brand videos to these websites. It will help you get more and more traffic to your website.

Now a days Videos are the leading communication method because these help you to clear your brand quality, quantity, and other major aspects for the brand. When you add a video to your website the maximum number of audiences is attracted to it.

Why Video Submission?

Video submission will help you in various ways check some of the meaningful views about using video submission:

  • Videos are compatible with various devices and are easier to watch.
  • People like to watch videos rather than reading long posts.
  • Maximum people today love sharing videos with their family, friends, and other people.
  • Videos are an easy and affordable method of promoting your brand.
  • Videos lead to the engagement of more people.

How to submit videos in video submission sites

Here is the Following steps to submit videos in the video submission sites:

Step-1: The first step is the selection of the top high DA video submission website.

Step-2: After the website is selected create your profile on the same by adding true and genuine information.

Step-3: After you have registered on the website there are tabs like sharing your video or uploading your video. Click on the tab and select your video and upload it on the website.

If you get the option of sharing your video’s URL add your URL for which you want some of the quality backlinks and submit the video.

You can choose high DA websites from the list added to the same article and get better ideas of video submission sites.

Points to remember before you share your video:

  • Your video should be at least 720p(HD).
  • Using a watermark in your video will save you from copywriting.
  • The video you share should be attractive.
  • The video file should be in MP4, MKV, FLV, or AVI format.
  • Mp4 format is the most preferable format to share a video.
  • The video should be short and simple.

Benefits of Video Submissions

Video submissions give your brand or website numerous benefits lets check some of them:

  • Video submissions help you gain more presence over the web.
  • More chances of an increase in revenue.
  • Getting more traffic on your website.
  • Getting high-quality backlinks.
  • Helps to get more organic leads.
  • Increase in click-rate.
  • Improving page ranking.
  • Generating leads that help you to raise your business.
  • High DA Websites help you get more inbound links.

Video submission websites help you a lot and these were some of the main benefits that are given by these websites. So submitting a video to HIGH DA websites may help you get a high rank for your website or a brand.

Final Thoughts

Focusing on High-quality backlinks and more conversion on your brand video submission will help you a lot for the same. The video submission website links are mentioned in the article and these are all the High DA websites. Choosing these websites will give your website or your brand a high rank and more audience at the same time.

Give it a try and start adding videos to video submission sites and see the changes and benefits you will get for your brand!


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