Best 50+ Podcast Submission Sites List 2022

Best 50+ Podcast Submission Sites List

Podcasts are digital audio files downloaded from the internet. They are among the most well-known and popular audio media of the past few years. They offer audio-based content to provide entertainment, information, motivation, and relaxation. Many businesses and marketing firms advertise and promote their services and products through podcasts. Podcasts are produced in various languages and dialects, including local ones.

The creator uploads the podcasts to their website or to their preferred website. Audio files can be quickly downloaded to any computer via the Podcast Submission sites.

What is a podcast & its History?

Podcast submission websites are sites where podcast creators and artists can upload their audio tracks for distribution to more people. There are a variety of podcast submission websites that you can utilize to share your podcast.

If you’re not willing to put any money into it, there’s an array of no-cost podcast submission websites. These free podcast submission sites have a large audience, and your show is likely to be noticed by these sites. If you have a website, you can submit your podcast to the directory submission site for podcasts. Podcasts were first introduced by Adam Carr and Dave winner in 2004, and it is currently utilized for podcasting on Apple Ipads.

What are Podcast Directory sites?

Visitors can download podcasts on podcast directory sites. Podcast Directory Sites List and listen to podcasts downloaded using an audio player that is portable and accessible on your site. Nowadays, a majority of the owners of websites for businesses are offering these types of audio files to earn profits. The result will be helpful if you post it on one of the Top Podcast Submission Sites.

The list of free podcast sites is an online platform that allows you to upload your podcast. It’s as simple as uploading an audio file that will make it easier for the people who use it. Audios that are popular and interesting come with more search results, which aids in the growth of clicks.

Podcast: File format

Podcasts are available in all formats you can find. Additionally, you can use an audio converter to be more specific if needed.

MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4) is more compatible across electronic devices and is the most suggested file format. (Standardized in 2000.) MPEG-4 format was created with Apple QuickTime container format.

There are various types of MP4 formats online.

  • .mp4: [.mp4 extension specifies an unspecified video file]
  • .m4a: [.m4a extension specifies an .aac (Advanced Audio Coding) audio file that is stored in an MP4 formats.It is Deprecated now
  • .m4b: [.m4b extension indicates the existence of a .aac audio file in MP4 size with more bookmarks]
  • .m4p: [.m4p extension indicates the existence of an .aac audio file in an MP4 format with improved Digital Rights Management (DRM)[]
  • Apple accepts only MP3 and M4A files to share. Smaller sizes are ideal for podcasts with high quality for the viewer. (Apple has restricted the height to 150MB via the cell network).

Software is available to alter the file format and decrease the file size without impacting the quality. Therefore, you should study to determine the most suitable software, mobile app, or other equipment that fits your budget.

How to Promote Your Podcast

If you start promoting your Podcast, the audience will increase rapidly. This can bring many advantages quickly. Additionally, in the following, We have provided the top ways to market your Podcast:

  • Upload your Podcast to Social Media.
  • Create a video version of your Podcast.
  • Send your audio file to reputable podcasting sites.
  • Collaboration with other podcasters.
  • Continue to publish new episodes regularly.
  • Create an email list and send your audio file to them, asking the listeners to read and discuss.
  • New episodes are published or series regularly

List of top high DA PA Podcast submission sites List

Websites for Podcast Submission: Various websites provide an opportunity to create an account and publish your podcast on their platform. These Podcast submission websites can assist you in getting an initial reaction from viewers and begin your journey to a new beginning.

Top 10 Podcast Submission websites

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50+ List Of Podcast Submission Sites List 2022

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What are Your Podcasting Goals?

Do you wish to create an audience for your podcast to attract sponsors or create a popular social network following? The best method to achieve these things is to choose the best podcasting platforms. If you do not have clearly defined goals for your podcast, you won’t benefit from the community of podcasters. Instead of wasting your time and money with apps that aren’t beneficial to you, you should focus on finding the most suitable platform to start your podcast.


The podcast submission sites offer various advantages for both the creators and the viewers. These sites allow the show to be shown to a larger audience and interact with its intended audience. The benefits include:

1- Websites for podcast submission were explicitly designed to offer user-friendly experiences. The audience can easily browse and search to find their passion for relevant topics for podcasts.
2- The creator can publish their content regularly without limitations to podcast directory submission sites. It also lets them post daily and increase their engagement with the listeners.
3- The submission websites permit you to add links to other directories, such as music apps, social media sites, and other websites.
4- Each Podcast submission website provides its Uploaders with unlimited storage capacity. There isn’t any pre-restricted storage space available to the listeners, and users also get unlimited downloads.

Five free podcast submission websites don’t cost one cent and allow you to promote your podcasts on this site. Upload your podcasts here, and then promote your podcast by using the site for podcast submission.

Types of Podcast Submission Sites:

In terms of financial sites, which include facilities for members Sites for podcast submissions, classify them into two types:

  1. 1. Paid podcast submission websites creator and the general public must pay for the website to be used by users. Membership plans are available that you must purchase, and your goal is activated based on this. However, you can access these websites for free for a specific time, but you’ll have to buy a subscription to use them for a longer duration.
  2. 2. Free sites for podcast submissions These sites operate on an open-to-all-users policy. The audience and the creator must pay fees to access these websites. These are the top websites for those who don’t want to spend money on promotion.

Different types of Podcast Submission

  • Solo podcast
  • Educational
  • Narrative/Documentary type podcast
  • Interview Podcast
  • Co-Hosted
  • Panel/Group Podcast
  • Digital Series
  • News/Non-fiction Storytelling

Advantages of Podcast Submission sites in SEO:

Podcasts, which are in their flourishing stage, have the potential to flourish on the internet with the aid of SEO or search engine optimization. It’s an organic method by which your content will be advertised to a more significant population segment.

The search engine traffic of your content can be increased by using keywords and phrases in SEO. When you record a podcast, you need a subject that can serve as your keyword. Beyond the spoken words, it’s the description in writing or critical words highlighted in the show.

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is essential since this schedule can help you build credibility and trust. Search engines and the public respect and follow an established schedule. Therefore it is necessary. Through SEO, you can boost the number of people who follow your social media. Be sure to ensure that your social media accounts are linked to submission websites and link back to your podcast regularly.


With the advancement of technology in the marketplace, you must employ various strategies to stay relevant in the highly competitive digital marketplace. It allows you to reach a specific market. Podcasting is a no-cost service that lets internet users listen to audio recordings from podcasting sites on digital audio players or computers.

A lot of digital marketing professionals around the globe employ the technique of podcast submission for SEO. A successful podcast submission will always result in more significant users’ engagement in your company’s services. Be sure to select the most popular sites for podcast submission to reap the benefits with excellent results.


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