Top 40+ Audio Submission Sites to use for Sound Sharing in 2022

Top 40+ Audio Submission Sites to use for Sound Sharing

Have you thought about the possibility of using the submission method of audio files to improve the visibility of your website? It’s an excellent method to generate backlinks, as in bringing people to your site. It’s an excellent idea to begin using it because it’s easy and doesn’t need a large budget.

Are you trying to figure out how to make the most of online audio submission sites to promote your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, experts of Web Tech Monster share with you the latest websites to submit audio for 2022. In addition, they will explain how important these sites promote audio in SEO campaigns.

Before discussing the top sites to upload your music files, it’s best to know more about the websites that allow audio submission.

What are Audio Submission Sites?

The best method to distribute audio files with SEO is to upload them on audio upload websites. By audio submission websites or sites for audio sharing, I’m referring to sites that let you download audio and upload them to share with the online public. Alongside providing a platform to upload an audio file, Internet users can download and listen to music through audio file-sharing websites. Many of these music-sharing platforms offer free services.

A top-quality audio upload site list is vital for creating quality backlinks that do not follow. Consider sharing any audio content with an authority-level audio uploading website. You’ll be amazed at how much impact it will have on the SERPs rankings of your site.

More than 3 million users worldwide visit the top music-sharing websites daily to download, upload, share or enjoy music. The podcast is one of the latest trends on audio file-sharing sites. More people are recording their voices and uploading them to the internet. You don’t have the money to put any website aside to upload audio documents as an SEO strategy in this day and day and age.

Importance of Audio Submission Sites

Most users visit the top music-sharing sites daily to add or download music. Utilizing these audio-sharing websites to optimize your SEO will ensure that you reach the right people with your message.

Here is a list of advantages you could enjoy using these websites for audio sharing.

  1. Increase Site Authority: You can increase your authority by using audio submission websites with high PR. These sites are characterized by the highest Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Moz Ranking. If you choose to use them, they’ll pass your juice link, which will aid in increasing your credibility.
  • Brand Promotion: In addition to using video submission websites to promote your website, audio can also assist in this. Using high-quality audio to talk about your company’s image will bring people to your site.
  • High Rank on SERP: Upload audio files to High DA audio submission websites with SEO-rich keyword descriptions. By doing this, you will get more traffic on the SERP.
  • Quality Backlinks: These sites can aid you in building quality, follow-up links for your website. There’s no limit on the number of backlinks you could create with these websites. With these backlinks, your targeted audience can visit your website if the audio is appealing.
  • Exposure: You’re guaranteed increased exposure for your brand by using audio Sharing Websites. Millions of people use these websites every day to download or share audiobooks. If they come across your audiobook, they can download it and share it with others. It’s not much more effective than this.
  • More Visibility: You will be able to get more exposure on The Search Engine Results Page when you upload audio online. Use the top audio-sharing websites to achieve the highest quality results.

How to Submit an Audio File?

There are many audio-sharing websites. I will help you navigate the process of uploading your files on these sites. This will enable you to upload your audio to the internet.

Step 1: Create an Audio File for Submission.

Step 2: Sign up for an account on the chosen free audio uploading site

Step 3: Create a profile when you are asked to create one.

Step 4: Click on Upload

Step 5: Locate the audio file you want to download and select Open/Upload.

Step 6: Add Title, Tags, and Description for the Audio File and Submit.

Before you begin sharing your audio recordings, you’ll need to be aware of the following:

  • A quality audio file must be crisp and shouldn’t have background sound. The unnecessary sounds will compromise your audio quality and may distract your listener.
  • Make sure that the file’s format is suitable. Most audio sites support MP3 AIFF, M4A, and M4A formats and WAV and AAC. If your audio does not exist in one of these formats, you can use a God conversion tool to transform it into the proper format.
  • Your audio should be in the same format and quality from beginning to finish.

Top 10 Audio Submission Sites List for 2022

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1, Myspace (
2, Tumblr (
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5, BandCamp (
6, Spotify (
7, Chirbit (
8, Buzznet (
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10, Reverbnation (

Best Websites For Audio File Uploading and Audio Sharing Sites

There are many platforms users can pick from when choosing the audio Submission site. Some critical aspects comprise Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa Rank, Do-Follow Status, DR, CF, TF, and many more.

Here is an essential list made by experts of Web Tech Monster to help you the convenience to start your list of audio-sharing websites. Myspace is a social media site. Myspace is an excellent audio-sharing website. It offers interactive, personal profiles with videos, blogs, audios, and a user-generated network of friends. Myspace profoundly impacted music and pop culture and created an online games platform for its members. Myspace was the most popular social network social media site. Soundcloud is another site for sharing audio. Soundcloud is streaming music and social media networking sites and provides an online platform for audio distribution. You can listen to your preferred tracks on the site. And share your music through this website by logging on to the site. Sign-in is accessible on this website. Spotify is another excellent audio-sharing website. Spotify offers a variety of songs ranging from old classics to new ones and is a podcast, music, and video streaming website. Spotify has distinct communities for developers, artists, and bands. Artists can upload audio tracks on the site by logging on with their accounts. Mediafire can be described as an audio share website. It’s a hosting site for files with file synchronization and cloud storage services. It allows you to upload your files to this website at no cost. The users must choose a basic plan to upload their files on the site. Media fire is linked with other social media networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Media Fire allows you can save, share and browse files. Yourlisten is an audio-sharing website. To use this site, you have to sign in to the website. It’s a social media site that lets you join with other users. It is possible to share and upload files to this website. There is a variety of popular audio and music on this website. The user interface on this website is fascinating.

Last.FM: Last. FM is a music site. It is the top audio-sharing website. You can sign up, log in and sign up on this website. You can also watch and share videos and connect to this website. The user interface on this website is impressive. The homepage of this site includes thumbnails of the artist, which you can click the artist. Then, the songs associated with that artist are shown. You can also follow them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Picosong is another top audio-sharing website. You can upload your songs to this website and receive a short URL that you can play. Downloading files is possible on this website. You can get all the information about the songs on this website and listen to songs online on this website. Log in to this site using your social media sites such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Disqus. Bandcamp is streaming music and purchasing websites for music. You can find stunning music on this site. It is possible to help artists on this site directly. You must sign up for the site to gain access to this website. The homepage contains the album catalog, which is organized by category. It is possible to search the site using the artist’s name or track name, as well as an album. Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site. Tumblr is similar to blogs. The site is comprised of images, videos, audio, and even quotes. The users have to log in to access the website. You can read the latest blogs on this website. The interface for users of this website is distinct from the other sites. Purevolume is the top site for streaming audio and uploading. It is possible to join communities and search for users on this website. The primary goal of the pure volume is to promote independent music groups and artists. The site’s homepage offers news about artists, what’s currently listening, and today’s most famous artists. Follow them on social media networks like Twitter and also become a follower on Facebook.

Free Audio Sharing Sites List 2022 (Updated)

S No.Audio Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)Page Authority (PA)

Tips for Recording Your Audio

The tips below will help you in the right direction to ensure good recordings of your sound.

  1. The kind of microphone you choose is essential, so make sure you have an external, unidirectional microphone to record your recordings. This will block out outside noise and improve the quality of your audio. If you don’t own the equipment mentioned above, you can record using your smartphone. The majority of smartphones do not have a lot of hardware sound.
  2. A pop filter can assist you in filtering the spoken word recordings and cut down on any cut-off.
  3. To verify if there’s an external sound source, put on headphones for listening to the recordings. If you’re using a headset, they will let you detect if the other noises alter the sound of the text before submitting.


For a final touch, make sure you select the list of audio-sharing websites below to submit your entry. These websites have an excellent Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Moz Ranking. Ensure you don’t include any unwanted sound in your recording so you don’t annoy your listeners.

If you are aware of other websites, please let us know so we can include them in the next update. If there is anything you would like us to modify, make use of the comment section.


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