Guest Posting Sites List

Guest Posting Sites

Guest Posting Sites List for 2020

With techniques and tools, things have gotten quite easy for many bloggers and businesses. The first thing that has helped many businesses to attract the target audience to their website is guest posting. They need to give a blog to the blogger according to his/her requirements. And, use the opportunity to present the website link so the audience can reach out to them & know about their business.

Guest posting is something that not only benefits the different brands. It also helps the bloggers to attract as much audience as possible to improve their ranking. We know that it is not easy to look out for the right guest posting site. And that is why we are offering you a list of sites for 2020 that will accept the guest posts. It helps you to spread awareness about your brand and boost their traffic.

What is Guest Posting In SEO?

As there are many ways to strengthen your brand’s presence on the internet, one such way that is being highly used nowadays is guest blogging. Here, the brands offer blogs to guest blogging sites to build relationships and get more exposure. As they are offering the posts to blogging sites, they are getting a chance to promote their brand and mention a link that will bring the readers on their website to explore their products and services and boost the traffic on their website. Also, it will become easy to turn them into potential customers.

Why Guest posting in SEO?

The reason businesses are going for guest posting in SEO is they get a chance to increase their website traffic. It will help them improve their ranking on the search engine. Also, guest posting is going to help them in spreading awareness about their brand. More and more people are going to know about their business. With the help of backlink, the readers will be able to visit their website to know about their job. This will further help them bring enough business.

It is going to help you in improving your social media presence as well. So, it is good to consider guest posting while planning SEO strategies.

How to Start Guest Posting?

If you wish to see positive results of guest posting for your business, you need to do it carefully and correctly. You need to make sure that you choose the right topic and offer the right information according to the topic. Choose an appropriate place to mention your brand so that the audience can notice you and visit your website. You need to make sure that you are mentioning your brand in a natural flow. You also need to make sure that you are mentioning your brand in a natural flow.

If you have doubts about how to start guest posting, here are some tip to help you write a successful guest blog:

  • You need to be careful about choosing the topic for your guest post. You need to think about what the readers are going to enjoy. According to their taste, form a perfect topic for your blog they are going to like.
  • You also need to spend enough time in choosing the perfect guest blogging site for your content. It needs to be popular so that you can attract more audience to your site.
  • Before you start writing on the topic, you need to be aware of the guidelines of the guest post. Make sure that you are writing complying with the rules mentioned by the website to get it approved and successful.
  • Now, spend a good amount of time in researching because your content needs to be unique and full of appropriate information to impress the readers. Go through different blogs and content to get the right information for your post.
  • And, while you are writing the content, you need to choose how you want to present your website link. If you want it to be in the form of a hyperlink or anchor link. Both of them are going to offer you different results.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

  • It is going to help you in increasing the organic traffic on your website. As the visitors are going to find the link to your website in your blog, they will visit it. As a results, you will witness the boost in the traffic and improvement in ranking.
  • It will help you in spreading awareness about your brand. When visitors come across your guest blog, they will know that you are a brand offering specific services or products. Once they know about you, they will bring you business.
  • Guest blogging is good for your website and business, but it is also good for strengthening your social media presence. It will help you increase your followers, which is a good thing for your business.
  • It will help you increase your followers, which is a good thing for your business.
  • The guest posting will also assist you in improving your writing skills. As you will continue to write the guest blogs, you will know how to write it creatively. You will know how to present the necessary information in a specific way, so the audience doesn’t get bored.
  • It will help you in building authority as well. You are going to come in contact with the top bloggers to build relationships with them for the sake of your business.
  • You will also witness the rise in the email subscriber list. The more traffic you are going to get on your site, the more you will reach the audience via emails.
  • Most of the guest blogging sites do not charge for their services or charge less. So, even without spending or spending less money, you will be able to promote yourself. It is a cost-effective method of marketing for various businesses.
  • Using the right keywords in the blogs will help you get positive results for your website and business. It will make it easy for the audience to find you and reach out to you.

Tips for Faster Guest Post Approval

If you are writing the guest post for the first time and don’t know what to focus on to get it approved, here are some tips to help you get your content approved instantly. Just keep these points in your mind and write the blog:

  • Visit the website for which you will write the guest post. Go through the guidelines they have mention to be follow during the writing.
  • You need to make sure that you are completely complying with the guidelines of the website. It will make it easy for you to get your blog approved according to their expectations and demands.
  • You also need to make sure that the content is of high-quality, unique, and creative. It needs to be entertaining and free of plagiarism. No one is going to approve the content if it is copied.
  • If you are going to insert the images in your content, they need to high-quality. There should be no issues while uploading the content. Also, they need to be relevant to the topic of your blog.
  • Do focus on the format of your blog. It is good if you will include subheadings and bullets in it. It will make your content look more attractive and impressive, which will increase the chances of its approval.

Smart Ways to find Guest Blogging Sites

You can easily find blogs that accept guest posts by typing these search queries:

1st Keyword + “Write For Us”
2nd Keyword + “Guest Post Guidelines”
3rd Keyword + “Submit A Guest Post”

Blogging Write for us
Keyword “guest post”Keyword “become a guest blogger”
Keyword “write for us”Keyword “guest blogger”
Keyword “guest article”Keyword “guest posts wanted”
Keyword “this is a guest post by”Keyword “looking for guest posts”
Keyword “contributing writer”Keyword “guest posts wanted”
Keyword “want to write for”Keyword “guest poster wanted”
Keyword “submit blog post”Keyword “accepting guest posts”
Keyword “contribute to our site”Keyword “writers wanted”
Keyword “guest column”Keyword “articles wanted”
Keyword “submit content”Keyword “become an author”
Keyword “submit your content”Keyword “become guest writer”
Keyword “submit post”Keyword “become a contributor”
Keyword “This post was written by”Keyword “submit guest post”
Keyword “guest post courtesy of ”Keyword “submit an article”
Keyword “guest posting guidelines”Keyword “submit article”
Keyword “suggest a post”Keyword “guest author”
Keyword “submit an article”Keyword “send a tip”
Keyword “contributor guidelines”Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Keyword “contributing writer”Keyword inurl: “guest post”
Keyword “submit news”Keyword + guest post

SEO and Digital Marketing Blogs

Social Media Blogs

Web Design Blogs

Business Blogs


Technology Blogs


Guest blogging is beneficial for businesses. It brings them traffic, and can spread awareness about their brand. It allows them to come in contact with the target audience, which will bring them profits.

But to get these benefits, you need to choose the top and right guest posting sites and comply with their guidelines. You need to choose the right topic and appropriate information to let your audience stay connected with you. Also, do not think that it is tough to write guest posts and get them approved. As long as you are doing it properly, it will get accepted, and you will get the results.

If you don’t know which guest posting site you should approach, there’s a list of guest posting sites we have mentioned to rely on for your content.


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